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About MAX Field Hockey

 MAX Field Hockey was derived from a business school independent study project.  What began as a website solution to post and search for field hockey tournaments quickly evolved into much, much more! 

This emerging sport on several levels lacked a comprehensive web presence found in many other sports of its size and popularity. In-depth research of existing websites and sources of field hockey information, as well as what other sports are doing with technology, led to the final MAX Field Hockey concept: a comprehensive field hockey portal designed to host and connect people to all types of field hockey information and opportunities. 

Several months were spent on the careful design of the site to ensure that navigation is intuitive and information is easy to find.  Consultations were held with college coaches, club directors, youth coaches, athletes, and parents to further shape the final solution.  Integrating a cloud-based data warehouse with scalable search capabilities, significantly improved the management and accessibility of information. Obtaining the deep, rich information involving searches through complex data structures is a unique component of our sport portal.

Delivering this functionality at a price attractive to consumers could have limited the technologies used. However, MAX Field Hockey has developed several unique channels with our partners at very competitive margins.  Opportunities exist for organizations to post camps and tournaments, advertisements and sponsorships, as well as individual membership packages for MAX Access (coming soon!) – all at the most competitive rates in the industry. MAX Field Hockey is excited to offer our base site free to the field hockey community! 

In the upcoming months, MAX Field Hockey will also be introducing several of our own programs, such as MAX U (to assist high school athletes and parents in the college process) and MAX EDU (to educate coaches and athletes on various topics).  The goal of MAX Field Hockey is to serve the needs of the field hockey community and help grow the sport by connecting people to information and opportunities.  As the sport’s needs evolve, so will MAX Field Hockey!  If you have ideas on how to make the site even better and/or if you are interested in exploring a possible partnership, please contact us at admin@maxfieldhockey.com.

Our goal is to make MAX Field Hockey THE go-to source of information and a true HUB for field hockey.  The HUB can only succeed with everyone’s commitment – ARE YOU IN?  Share the website with your teammates, friends, parents, and coaches!


Meet the MAX Field Hockey Team


Stephanie Maychack

Originally from upstate New York, Stephanie was an All-American soccer and lacrosse player at Union College (NY).  She has spent the majority of her career working in private school education as a teacher, coach, and Athletic Director and she has also spent some time in college athletics, serving as a Head Soccer Coach and Assistant Athletic Director.  In 2011, Stephanie decided to go back to school and enrolled in the Robert H. Smith School of Business MBA Program at the University of Maryland.  She knew that she wanted to do something beyond teaching that was independent, creative and involved athletics, but she wasn’t sure exactly what that was at the time. 

While at Maryland, Stephanie also worked part-time in the Athletic Department as an academic advisor: women’s field hockey was one of her teams.  Through this position she connected with the field hockey coaching staff.  Eventually, she took on an administrative role for a new club team in the Maryland area.  From there she began running camps and tournaments, and even took on the role of Regional Director for USA Field Hockey’s Futures Program.

In her final semester of business school, Stephanie completed an independent study for an idea that came about through her various part-time field hockey positions.  She was frustrated trying to find field hockey tournaments for the club program she was working with.  There was no central place to find them and it was extremely time consuming and inefficient.  Through her research, Stephanie found a huge need for a central source of accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive field hockey information.  To learn about the industry and how other sports address this problem, she reached out to her previous boss, Larry Dukes.  After one short conversation and hearing about the problem and Stephanie’s ideas, Larry was interested in investing in and helping turn the concept into a reality. 


Lawrence (Larry) Dukes

Larry is a developer of software solutions to make key information available to users in the format and speed they seek. An expert in providing cutting edge solutions in several markets, Mr. Dukes has teamed with Max Field Hockey to deliver the most comprehensive sport-based web portal in the industry today. He serves as a principal providing his entrepreneurial experience, technology prowess and knowledge of the state-of-the-art solution to meet customer’s needs and expectations.

Larry is also an international consultant, speaker and recognized industry expert in predictive analytics and data management.  He is co-author of the book, Lifting the Rocks, Finding the Gold, the leading reference among credit banking management professionals. In the area of Decision Sciences, Mr. Dukes has authored a U.S. Patent in the technical area of predictive modeling and decision management. He is Principal of Aurum Consultants, Inc., an international consulting and analytics firm serving clients in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.  He is also the technical lead in a few start-up companies in the athletics, education and investment banking industries. He also serves as Athletic Director of The John Carroll School and is coach of the Arena Club Aquatics Club swim team as well as John Carroll’s boys and girls high school swim teams.

Larry has over 25 years of experience in information technology and risk management for the financial, telecommunications and healthcare industries.   Prior to his current role with Aurum and John Carroll, Larry was Senior Vice President of Fair, Isaac & Co., the world’s leader in scoring science technology. Prior to his tenure with Fair Isaac he was a Managing Principal of Credit & Risk Management Associates, Inc. (CRMA), an international credit risk management and technology consulting firm in Baltimore, Maryland.  CRMA was selected to the Inc. 500 and several lists of the fastest growing technology firms in the U.S. before being acquired by Fair, Isaac in 1996.   His depth of experience and eye for innovation continues to be instrumental in helping new industries apply proven data management and predictive analytics practice.

Larry has provided training and education services to companies around the world and has served as an Adjunct Professor to New York University through AT&T University and the faculty of MasterCard University. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Loyola and a Master’s Degree - Administrative Science in Information Technology from Johns Hopkins University.