What started as a tribute to one mother fighting cancer, has grown into a powerful movement of tens of thousands of student-athletes playing for the cure – raising more than $1.5 million for cancer research.

Over 600 teams in 35 states participated last year, and in 2015, more teams, representing more sports, are answering the questions, “Who do you play for?”

100 percent of funds raised in NFCR’s Play4TheCure games go directly to support cancer research in the laboratory.

Join the team.


What is Play4theCure?

Play4theCure inspires young athletes to use their passion for field hockey to “play4” loved ones affected by cancer and encourage them to actively participate in working to fund cancer research. 100% of Play4theCure donations will go to fund cancer research.  Play4theCure aims to educate younger generation about cancer risks and guide to choose healthy lifestyles.

How does Play4theCure work (games/events, fundraisers)?

Play4theCure offers field hockey teams and players an opportunity to use their competition as a platform to raise funds for cancer research.  Play4theCure has created online tools and materials that make it fun and easy for organizers to register and run their events. An online donation feature allows organizers and team fundraisers to create personalized and direct appeals that can be share though email and social media directly with family, friends, and colleagues.  Participating teams are provided with a FREE Event kit once they have registered an event and set up a donation page.  The kit includes Play4theCure wristbands and Pink Play4theCure game balls.

How do you get started with a fundraiser or event? 

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