Yesterday we announced our shift towards completing comprehensive player rankings for the Classes of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Read that release here if you missed it!

Our underlying philosophy and approach for everything we do on centers around supporting and helping grow the game.  We want to focus the majority of our coverage and content on the things we believe matter most in sport- development, having fun, learning life lessons, making life-long friends, and helping people find and pursue a passion for field hockey.     

Player rankings are done for almost every other sport (soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, etc.).  There is a lot of interest in having player rankings for field hockey and we believe MAX Field Hockey is the right group to complete them because of our in-depth coverage at every level- High School, Club, College and USA Field Hockey. 

We move into the area of ranking players carefully.  We want to emphasize from the start of this process that these are MAX Field Hockey's subjective player rankings based on the information we have available to us and the feedback we receive from coaches and members of the field hockey community.  We pledge to do our best to compile the most accurate and complete information possible (see below how you can help) by thoroughly evaluating all information we receive.  These rankings will be greatly improved each time we do them, especially once we have a starting place to work from and can factor in on-field evaluations.

While this is quite the undertaking and we are moving forward carefully, we are really excited about completing these rankings!  We look forward to using this information to expand our features on the site into areas like college recruiting classes, college commitments, and our coverage of club events, tournaments and the high school game.


Build a Player Profile to Ensure You are Considered!

To ensure that every player has the opportunity to be considered in the rankings, we have built a "Player Central" where players can create a "Player Profile" and report accomplishments, selections, and additional information to be considered.  The basic information and searchable recognitions are public information and will be available to anyone who searches the player database.  There is also a private level where players can insert information in the areas of High School, Club, USA Field Hockey, and College interests.  This information will solely be used to evaluate players for rankings and will not be publicly visible at anytime.

Building a profile is simple and we highly encourage all players who want to be considered for the rankings to create one and update it regularly!


To Submit Feedback on/"Nominate" a Player

To submit feedback on a player (whether you are a club coach/director, high school coach, umpire, college coach, member of the field hockey community, etc.)- please complete the following online form: -SUBMIT PLAYER FEEDBACK FORM-

To assist in the efficiency of this process and to ensure we have complete information on players, please also encourage the player(s) you are writing about to build a player profile. 


The sooner we can begin compiling these profiles the better!  Our goal is to have our first round of player rankings live on the site by the end of March.