Focus Shifts to "Top 5", "Top 50" & "Next 50" Player Rankings

With the 2016 MAX WFHL Draft in the books (catch up here if you missed it!), MAX Field Hockey shifts focus towards completing comprehensive player rankings.  We will be ranking field hockey players in the United States who have the most potential to compete and have a successful playing career at the collegiate level. 

Rankings will be completed for players in the classes of 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 (the current High School classes).  For the first set of rankings we will most likely be naming, 1) The "Top 5" Players in each class, 2) The "Top 50" Players in each class, and 3) The "Next 50" Players in each class (players 51-100).  Ultimately, 100 players will be ranked for each class and 400 total High School players will be ranked.  For our initial rankings we will not be ranking players in number order, they will just be classified in those categories (so there will be no difference for the #6 ranked player vs. the #49 ranked player- they will both be classified as a "Top 50" player).  Moving forward this may change, but with our first ranking release, we will be relying heavily on recognitions, selections, and feedback from coaches and club directors.  In the future, we look forward to factoring in on-field evaluations.

Our goal is to have rankings available to release on the site by the end of March.  We then anticipate updating the rankings in either late summer or early Fall following the summer's events.

We are excited to introduce player rankings to field hockey and to use them in expanding our High School, Club and College coverage on the site.  Once we have these player rankings, we can incorporate them into features such as ranking the top college recruiting classes, highlighting "Top 50" commitments, and so on.


How Player Rankings Will be Completed:

This will certainly be no small task.  We will begin by compiling extensive lists of selections at the High School level (All-Americans, All-Region, All-State, All-Conference, etc.) and for USA Field Hockey programs (Junior National Teams, Junior National Camps, AAU Junior Olympics, Futures Elite, National Futures Championships, etc.).

Additionally, we will be communicating with High School and Club coaches, as well as college coaches and other individuals involved in various field hockey programs and events across the country.  We will also be evaluating players at the major events whenever possible.

As soon as tomorrow, we will communicate clearly how players can ensure they will be considered for the rankings and we will also communicate exactly how coaches and individuals can submit feedback on players.  We are currently finalizing our process and making sure that it is the most efficient and comprehensive way of compiling information on players.

While there will always be some level of subjectivity about players, our goal is to make these rankings as informative as we can.



IMPORTANT NOTE: is NOT a Recruiting or Scouting Service.  We are a website hub that provides news, coverage and information about youth, high school, college, Team USA and International Field Hockey.  The new Player Rankings are one more piece of our coverage of the sport.