Accepting Player Additions for Rankings Through Friday!

MAX Field Hockey has been working hard to compile complete player lists for the classes of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 for our ALL NEW Player Rankings! We released our initial lists for each class over the last week or so.  This Friday, April 8th will be the last day we will accept additions to the lists, so if you are not listed and would still like to be considered, please complete a Player Profile: CLICK HERE TO CREATE A PLAYER PROFILE.

From these lists we will be using recognitions, selections, and feedback from coaches and club directors to select the following categories for each class (there will be no distinct number ranking within each category):

2016s & 2017s: Top 5, Top 50, Next 50 (100 total for each class)

2018s & 2019s: Top 5, Top 50 (50 total for each class)

We hope to be able to release the class of 2016 rankings the week of the 18th, with the other classes following shortly after.


Players Being Considered for Rankings:

2016s      2017s     2018s     2019s

Visit the Player Profile Central!


Players on these lists  with a * before their first name have completed a MAX Field Hockey Player Profile.  If you are listed and have not yet completed a Player Profile, please consider doing so to make us aware of your most up-to-date recognitions, selections and involvements, CLICK HERE TO CREATE A PLAYER PROFILE.  If you have a change or update to your information, please email us:

If you are not listed, but would still like to be considered for the Player Rankings, please complete a Player Profile by the end of the day Friday, April 8th, CLICK HERE TO CREATE A PLAYER PROFILE.  If you are listed and would prefer NOT to be considered for our player rankings, please email us:


COACHES/CLUB DIRECTORS: Please consider submitting feedback on your players using our Online Feedback Form or simply by emailing us: